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Reclaiming Sex and Intimacy After Prostate Cancer

$ 15.00 - Reclaiming Sex and Intimacy After Prostate Cancer (1-10 copies)
$ 13.00 - Reclaiming Sex and Intimacy After Prostate Cancer (11+ copies)
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A guide for men and their partners, Reclaiming Sex and Intimacy After Prostate Cancer is a research-based book that addresses sexual issues with prostate cancer treatment and provides guidance on having a fulfilling sexual relationship after diagnosis.
Written by Jeffrey Albaugh, PhD, APRN, CUCNS, who has cared for thousands of patients with sexual dysfunction and prostate cancer, the book will help readers:
  • Increase knowledge about sex and intimacy
  • Learn how communication increases closeness, both physically and emotionally
  • Understand treatment options and side effects
  • Prevail over erectile dysfunction
  • Discover and learn how to preserve maximal penile function after prostate cancer treatment
A Look Inside
  • Chapter 3: Orgasms: Sex Without Erections
  • Chapter 5: Overview of Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction and Penile Rehabilitation After Prostate Treatment
  • Chapter 7: Oral PDE-5 Inhibitors
  • Chapter 9: Penile Injections
  • Chapter 12: The Mind is the Most Powerful Sex Organ in the Body
  • Chapter 13: A Chapter for Partners of Men with Erectile Dysfunction After Prostate Cancer Treatment
 Limited quantities available. 2nd edition coming soon!


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